Section 1. Part A: Course Schedule and Requirements

Section 1. Part B: Final Project and Presentation Rubric

Section 1. Part B: PowerPoint Rubric

Section 1. Part B: Prezi Rubric

Section 1. Part B: Glogster TPS Rubric

Section 2. LOC-Library of Congress Primary Sources

Primary Sources Analysis Tool From the Library of Congress

Section 3. TPS Curriculum Thinking

Link to QR Code Instructions

Section 3a. Biographical Organizer

Section 3b. StriplingModeling – Inquiry Based Learning

Section 3c. Inquiry-Based Lesson Template in Word

Section 4. Digital Imagery Photo Using Paint

Section 5. Multimedia Pizazz

Section 6a. Google Site Instructions

Section 6. If you are using Dreamweaver: Instructions Developed for Your Project

Section 7. Blackboard

Section 8. Forms and Misc